Most common problems

It is known that your water heater is as good as your installer. All my water heater repair calls are related to improper installations or time for service. Most common mistake installers do when they install venting and forget about condensate issue.

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    1. Admin Post author

      Wrong gas/air mix may cause this. Check venting gas pressure – static and dynamic, especially dynamic, can not be less than 6″ W.C.

  1. Elizabeth W.

    Description Of Work: 
    we were having trouble with our Rinnai tankless water heater, where it was making strange groaning sounds and the exhaust was smelling strongly of gas exhaust.  This was a new issue that had started after a prior repair (by another company).  Prior to that, we had had our water heater for over a year without any problems or issues.
    We had worked with the company who did the original repair (and had installed the heater to begin with) and they couldn’t figure it out. They called Rinnai and tried this and that, which resulted in multiple calls to our house.  Nothing was getting resolved and we were getting frustrated, so decided to call another vendor.   We called Affordable Plumbing since we had seen good responses on Angies List related to Rinnai water heater repairs.
    Gene came out and successfully repaired the water heater in 1 visit lasting a couple hours.  We have not had any problems with it since.

    Member Comments: 
    Gene was fantastic and I’m going to use him for our plumbing from now on, especially for anything for our Rinnai water heater.
    He came out and was able to assess the situation relatively quickly.  The problem was that the new board (which was installed by the prior company who did the initial repair) was not set correctly and therefore was causing the system to not work correctly and make all the noises and create all the exhaust.   Not only did Gene fix those issues on the digital board, but he checked over everything and was able to improve the water heating efficiency a bit through some other board adjustments.
    What this proved to me is that even though another company may say they can install a Rinnai water heater, that does NOT mean that they are experts on the system.  Affordable Plumbing is the right company to work with for Rinnai water heaters; my opinion is that they are the only company you should work with for Rinnai. 
    As comparison, the other original company (who installed the heater for us) told me that they didn’t ever see these systems break, so they didn’t really know what to do to repair our issue. They had to call the Rinnai headquarters and talk to them a few times in order to figure out what to try (albeit unsuccessfully).  On the other hand, Gene at Affordable Plumbing was incredibly knowledgable about the system and was able to diagnosis the issue and resolve the problem immediately without having to do any external consults or ‘guessing’.  
    In terms of cost, Gene charged a fair rate, and honestly is was less than I had expected it would be, given that he spent a good amount of time checking over everything to make sure the system was completely set up right and that we would have no more issues.
    Bottom line:  Gene at Affordable Plumbing is, I believe, the ONLY expert in Rinnai water heaters in the Portland area.  My recommendation to anyone who has a Rinnai (or wants to get one) is that you work only with him.


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